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Become a Android App Development Expert


Become a Android App Development Expert

Android programming training course, you learn to create intuitive, reliable software through activities, services, and intents; design user interfaces that work seamlessly with a range of phones and tablets; and manage data with content providers and the SQLite database.

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Course Description
  • App development is one of the hot job skills of the era.
  • Students create and develop a variety of android/IOS applications to improve learning and develop real skills.
  • Learn from certified experienced industry professionals.
  • Get skilled up with Techno working under the wings of well-known marketing firm for more than 10 years.
Course Outline

Getting Started with Android Programming

  • What is Android?
  • Obtaining the Required Tools
  • Creating Your First Android Application
  • Anatomy of an Android Application

Activities, Fragments, and Intents

  • Understanding Activities
  • Linking Activities Using Intents
  • Fragments
  • Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents
  • Displaying, Notifications

Getting to Know the Android User Interface

  • Understanding the Components of a Screen
  • Adapting to Display Orientation
  • Managing Changes to Screen Orientation
  • Utilizing the Action Bar
  • Creating the User Interface Programmatically
  • Listening for UI Notifications

Designing Your User Interface with Views

  • Using Basic Views
  • Using Picker Views
  • Using List Views to Display Long Lists
  • Understanding Specialized Fragments
  • Displaying Pictures and Menus with Views
  • Using Image Views to Display Pictures
  • Using Menus with Views
  • Some Additional Views

Data Persistence

  • Saving and Loading User Preferences
  • Persisting Data to Files
  • Creating and Using Databases

Content Providers

  • Sharing Data in Android
  • Using a Content Provider
  • Creating Your Own Content Providers
  • Using the Content Provider


  • SMS Messaging
  • Sending,
  • Email

Location-Based Services

  • Displaying Maps
  • Getting Location Data
  • Monitoring a Location
  • Project – Building a Location Tracker


  • Consuming Web Services Using HTTP
  • Consuming JSON Services
  • Sockets Programming

Developing Android Services

  • Creating Your Own Services
  • Establishing Communication between a Service and an Activity
  • Binding Activities to Services
  • Understanding Threading

Publishing Android Applications

  • Preparing for Publishing
  • Deploying APK Files

Using Eclipse for Android Development

  • Getting Around in Eclipse
  • Debugging your Application

Using the Android Emulator

  • Uses of the Android Emulator
  • Creating Snapshots
  • SD Card Emulation
  • Emulating Devices with Different Screen Sizes
  • Emulating Physical Capabilities
  • Sending SMS Messages to the Emulator
  • Making Phone Calls
  • Transferring Files into and out of the Emulator
  • Resetting the Emulator

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