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Become a Professional Dot Net Development Expert


Become a Professional Dot Net Development Expert

Participants may use either C #(C Sharp) or VB (Visual Basic)–the core languages of Microsoft. NET. The techniques presented include design, code generation, testing and debugging, including the use of the ASP.NET (Active Server Pages) database of the SQL Server.

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Course Detail

Course Description
  • Learn the earth parts of multi-level application advancement utilizing the .NET structure.
  • Get the basics of distributed application development.
  • Technologies covered include the .NET framework classes, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET.
  • Get your skills from industry experts.
  • Techno is inhouse training institute under the leading development experts’ team since 10+ years.
Course Outline

Introduction to ASP.NET

  • From ASP to ASP.NET
  • Web Forms
  • Web Services
  • NET Features

Web Forms Architecture

  • Page Class
  • Web Forms Life Cycle
  • Web Forms Event Model
  • Code-Behind


  • Request/Response Programming
  • HTTP Request Class
  • HTTP Collections
  • HTTP Response Class
  • Redirection
  • HTTP Utility Class

Web Applications Using Visual Studio

  • Using Visual Web Developer
  • Visual Studio Forms Designer
  • Using Components
  • Shadow Copying
  • Using the Global. Sax File
  • Data Binding

State Management and Web Applications

  • Session State
  • Application State
  • Multithreading Issues
  • Cookies

Server Controls

  • HTML Server Controls
  • Web Forms Server Controls
  • Rich Controls
  • Validation Controls
  • User Controls

Caching in ASP.NET

  • What Is Caching
  • Page-Level Caching
  • Page Fragment Caching
  • Optimizing Your ASP.NET Application
  • Application Caching

ASP.NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals

  • Configuration Overview
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Forms Authentication
  • Windows Authentication
  • Security and ASP.NET

Debugging, Diagnostics and Error Handling

  • Debugging
  • Application Tracing
  • Page Tracing
  • Error Handling

More Server Controls

  • Most recent ASP.NET Controls
  • Menus
  • Master Pages


  • NET Overview
  • .NET Data Providers
  • Connections
  • Commands
  • Data Readers and Connected Access
  • Data Sets and Disconnected Access
  • Language Integrated Query

Data Access in ASP.NET

  • Data Source Controls
  • Connection String Storage
  • Grid View
  • Details View
  • Form View
  • Object Data Sources
  • List View
  • Data Pager
  • Link Data Source

Personalization and Security

  • Configuration Overview
  • Themes
  • Skins
  • Security in ASP.NET
  • Membership and Roles
  • Login Controls
  • User Profiles

Introduction to ASP.NET AJAX

  • Rich Client Applications
  • AJAX
  • Script Manager
  • Update Panel
  • AJAX Client Library
  • Remote Method Calls
  • AJAX Control Toolkit

HTTP Pipeline

  • Pipeline Architecture
  • Context
  • Applications
  • Handlers
  • Modules

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