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Become a Professional Full Stack Development Expert


Become a Professional Full Stack Development Expert

The Full Stack Web Development Masters Program will allow you to build interactive and responsive web applications using both front-and back-technologies. It starts with the basics of web development, covers JavaScript and jQuery essentials, guides you to build remarkable user interface through Angular or React.

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Course Detail

Course Description
  • A full stack web developer can develop both client and server software using codes.
  • In addition to mastering HTML and CSS, you also get to know how to:
    • Program a browser (like using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular)
    • Program a server (like using PHP, ASP, Python)
    • Program a database (like using SQL, SQLite)
  • Take in-house training from industry experts.
  • Techno is an institute under the leading development team of experts for more than 10 years.
Course Outline
  • Introduction Web Development, HTML, HTML5 & IDEs
  • Basics of HTML & CSS and HTML Headings, Paragraphs & Images
  • HTML Text Formatting, Links, Entities and Inline vs Block Level Elements
  • HTML Lists: Unordered List, Ordered List and Description List
  • iframe to Display Web-Pages from other Websites on your Website
  • Detailed Overview of HTML5 and HTML5 Semantic Elements
  • Using Audios and Videos on Websites using HTML5 Elements
  • Creating Forms to Collect Data from Users using HTML5 & CSS3
  • Creating and Using CSS Styles: Inline CSS, Internal CSS & External CSS;
  • Using CSS3 Styles with div, p, span etc. for Creating Beautiful Web Pages
  • CSS3 Box-Model: Padding, Margin, Outline, Border, Background
  • CSS3 Floating, Positioning, Overflow, Image-Opacity and Image-Sprites
  • CSS3 Media Queries in Detail & Creating fully Responsive Web Pages
  • Introduction to BootStrap 4 and BootStrap 4 Grid System in Detail
  • BootStrap 4 Typography, Tables, Images, Thumbnails and Buttons
  • BootStrap 4 for Creating Elegant Forms for Collecting User Data
  • BootStrap 4 Jumbotron, Tooltips, Popovers, Alerts, Spinners & Badges
  • BootStrap 4: Nav, Navbars, Menus, Tabs, Dropdown and Collapse
  • BootStrap 4 Pagination, Modals, Cards, Image Carousel and Scroll spy
  • JavaScript Statements, Expressions, Conditions and Loops
  • JavaScript Objects, Functions, Arrays and Events
  • Working with Numbers, Strings, and Dates in JavaScript
  • Testing and Debug a JavaScript Applications
  • Create object-oriented JavaScript applications
  • Using Regular Expressions, Handling Exceptions and Validating Data
  • Events, Images, and Timers, Closures, Callbacks and Recursion
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in JavaScript Applications
  • Selecting and Manipulating DOM Elements with jQuery
  • Using jQuery for Event Handling, Basic Animations and Effects
  • jQuery AJAX Calls (load(), get(), post(), ajax(), getJSON(), getScript() )
  • Handling Responses of AJAX Call in Plain Text, HTML and JSON format
  • Xammp & Net beans Installation (PHP7 & MySQL)
  • Introduction to PHP, Basic PHP syntax & Conditional Statements
  • PHP Programming: Loops (for, While, Do-while & Foreach)
  • PHP Programming: Arrays, Super Global Arrays & Functions
  • PHP Programming: Built in function’s
  • PHP Programming: Intro to OOP, Data members & Data function
  • PHP Programming: Access modifiers & Encapsulation
  • PHP Programming: Magic Methods, Setter, Getter & Constructors
  • PHP Programming: Inheritances, Polymorphism, Abstraction
  • PHP Programming: Interfaces, Final Class, Static Function
  • Introduction of Git Version-Control System & Git Installation
  • Flow chart of Repositories, Branches & Git Commands
  • Installing SourceTree GUI for Git & Composer Package Manager for PHP
  • Download Latest Laravel Framework via Composer
  • Intro of Laravel Directory Structure, Laravel Routing
  • Laravel Framework: Create Controller via PHP Artisan
  • Laravel Framework: Intro to Blade Template Engine
  • Laravel Framework: Integrating Front-End theme to Laravel
  • Laravel Framework: Build a Template Configuration based
  • Laravel Framework: Create a components blade file and load in main controller file
  • Laravel Framework: Load Layout in controller
  • Laravel Framework: Create a global CSS and js file and load in main controller
  • Laravel Framework: Download Laravel html collection package (form and html).
  • Laravel Framework: Create a registration form & Intro of CSRF Token
  • Laravel Framework: Create Forms & Handling Client-side validation
  • Laravel Framework: Uploading / Downloading Images using Laravel
  • Introduction to Lumen Laravel Micro Framework for REST Services
  • Create & Managing Databases for Web using MySQL
  • Intro of Eloquent Laravel ORM Framework & Installation
  • Database Programming using Eloquent & MySQL
  • Migration, Schema Builder, Seeders & Factories Eloquent
  • REST APIs / REST Services: API routes, Controllers & Models
  • Essentials of URL for Consuming REST APIs / REST Services
  • Consuming REST Services / REST API using AJAX and JSON
  • Essentials of Angular for Creating Modern Web Applications
  • Testing, Debugging & Publishing Website to a Commercial Server

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