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Become a Graphics Designing Expert


Become a Graphics Designing Expert


2D Graphics Designing for Industry sincerely entails designing and developing posts and pictures using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & CorelDRAW. Techno gives technical training in Graphic Design, and we are always fine in design. Techno will enable you to be a Graphic Design pro through our Graphic Design course in Lahore.


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    Course Detail

    Course Description
    • 2D Graphics Designing for Industry course provides trainees with a set of skills, technical knowledge, and theory in both art and design
    • Provide a foundation to create effective visual communications pieces produced for the print industry.
    • Learn these skills from industry experts.
    • Techno is providing services as a part of leading designing firm since 10+ years.
    Course Outline


    • Photoshop Interface, Customizing Interface as per the requirement of the designer, saving interface
    • Introduction to Photoshop
    • Difference between web and print media
    • Concept of resolution for print and web
    • Image type used for web-like JPG, GIF, PNG and for print like TIFF, EPS, PDF
    • Image resizing techniques and optimizing images
    • Selection tools
    • Brushes, loading brushes, saving brushes, creating brushes
    • Color correction, retouching
    • Enhancing brightness, shadows, mid tones
    • Rectangle, ellipse tools to design interface for both web and press
    • Concept of layers, locking layers
    • Blending options
    • Working with gradients
    • Using pen tool to trace shapes, creating logos, custom shapes
    • Using pen tool to extract selected portion from an image
    • Using custom shapes, loading shapes, modifying existing shapes
    • Concept of clipping mask
    • Using filters


    It is a raster tool which is used to design logos, artworks etc. It has been very popular among the graphics designers because of its advanced features and easy to use tools.

    • Knowing the interface of Illustrator
    • Using selection tools and learning group selection, lasso selection, magic wand selection
    • Introduction to pen tool
    • Use pen tool to add and remove anchor points, joining anchor points
    • Concept of layers, organizing layers, grouping layers, selecting layers, duplicating layers, merging layers
    • Using strokes, converting strokes size, dashed stroke, removing strokes, joining strokes
    • Using text tool also popularly known as type tool, vertical type tool, path type, area type tool
    • Using font attributes and formatting paragraphs, transforming text
    • Using shape object like rectangle tool, polygon tool, star tool, rounded rectangle tool
    • Transforming a shape using different techniques like rotate, scale, reflect, twist, sheer, reshape, reposition etc
    • Learning how to align and distribute objects evenly
    • Using different line tools
    • Using clipping path and mask
    • Applying color using color picker tool, color swatches, color palettes
    • Learn the use of pencil tool, eraser tool
    • Using brush tool, load and save brushes
    • Learn the use of gradient
    • Concept of transparency and masking
    • Learn envelope and its options, using mesh, text distortions
    • Using guides and rulers while creating an illustration
    • Using scissor tool and knife tool while designing an illustration
    • Using pathfinder and liquify tool
    • Learning the use of appearance and styles
    • Using filters
    • Use blend tool and learn blending multiple objects
    • Display chart and graphs
    • Knowing different image formats and learn how to save images for web
    • Learn to use the slice tool to generate images for web
    • Using different symbol tools
    • Integrating with photoshop images
    • Using auto trace feature

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