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Become a Professional Photo & Video Editing Expert


Become a Professional Photo & Video Editing Expert


Editing is a skill and side-by-side art. Editing is basically done for visual purposes in order to keep your audience’s attention. Our video editing course or film making course is mainly concerned with the editing of photos and films.

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    Photo and video editing are the most in demand skills of the time.
    Techno’ photo and video editing course are fundamentally accomplished for visual purposes to keep the consideration of your crowd.
    Get trained from industry experts to get latest skills.
    Techno is working under the roof of Technology Wings for more than 10 years.

    Course Outline

    Introduction of Photography and Videography
    Types of Cameras and Lenses, and their uses
    Exposure Triangle and Color Temperature
    Focusing and Metering Modes in DSLR
    Frame Per Second & Video Formats under PAL/NTSC
    The art of Script writing and Story Boarding
    Types of Shots in a video
    180-degree rule
    Using stands and stabilizers for Smoother shots
    Preparing the set and location scouting
    Setting up the Lighting and Audio on set
    Budgeting, Casting and Crew
    Cuts and Transition
    Blocking the scene, Rehearsal and shooting
    Editing and Mixing the video in Premier Pro
    Color correction and Color Grading in Premier Pro
    Recording the slow motion and time lapse video
    Adding music, sound effects and voice overs in the video
    Adding credits & Exporting the video in different sizes & formats

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