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Become a Professional React Native Expert


Become a Professional React Native Expert


Our React Native Training course will give you an intensive hands-on introduction to the development of cross-platform mobile applications using the Facebook React Native Framework and the Relay Declarative Programming Model.

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    Course Detail

    Course Description
    • React Native training give you an intensive hands-on introduction to developing cross-platform mobile applications using React Native framework.
    • The React Native framework is an ideal way for Web / JavaScript developers to get into developing mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.
    • Learn from infield industry experts.
    • Techno is Providing trainings within the frame of Technology Wings for last 10+ years.
    Course Outline

    Introduction to React Native

    • An overview of the architecture of React Native.
    • Cross-platform mobile development
    • Setting up the development environment
    • Working with the testing environment

    JavaScript essentials

    • Arrow functions
    • Restructuring
    • The Spread operator
    • Template literals and string interpolation
    • Modules and scope
    • ES6 classes

    React Native Fundamentals

    • Class based component development
    • Writing views in JSX
    • Passing Props to components
    • Managing state within components
    • Style encapsulation within components.
    • Working with remote APIs using Fetch

    Mobile interfaces

    • Building mobile interfaces in React Native.
    • Working with text input, touches, scroll View and Lists.

    Development Tools

    • The Expo command line interface (CLI)
    • The React Native CLI

    iOS Development

    • Working with native Modules and Components
    • Running the iOS Simulator

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