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Become a WordPress Customization Expert


Become a WordPress Customization Expert


Web development simply involves designing, developing, and managing websites. Techno offers technical training in web design and website development, and we are always the best in design and development. Techno will enable you to be a WordPress pro through our WordPress course in Lahore.

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2 Months + 1 Month


PKR 20,000/-

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    Course Detail

    Course Description
    • WordPress is only one of the site builders and content management systems users can download and install for free and develop website without any coding.
    • Learn to create innovative and responsive designs by holding themes, templates and plugins.
    • Learn these skills from infield expert.
    • Techno is an inhouse training institute under the roof of Technology Wings for more than 10 years.
    Course outline

    CMS and WordPress Basics

    • What is a “blog”
    • What is CMS
    • What is WordPress
    • WordPress Evolution and Versions
    • WordPress Concepts
    • WordPress Terminology
    • WordPress Data Flow
    • WordPress Architecture
    • WordPress Installation
    • WordPress Dashboard

    WordPress Configuration

    • WordPress Directory Structure
    • The wp-config.php File
    • The .htaccess file
    • WordPress Functions, API and Documentation
    • General Setting
    • Writing Setting
    • Reading Setting
    • Discussion Setting
    • Media Setting
    • Permalink Setting
    • Plugin Setting

    WordPress Posts and Pages

    • Posts vs Pages
    • WordPress Loop or Content Generation Process
    • Content Workflow
    • Post Fields and Writing a Post
    • Post Management
    • Post Template Files
    • Pages
    • WP_Query object
    • Custom Query
    • Global Variables
    • Tags
    • Category
    • Comments

    WordPress Data Storage

    • Database and WP tables
    • Manual Table Manipulation
    • Taxonomy
    • Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies
    • Metadata

    WordPress Plug-ins

    • What is a Plugin?
    • Writing a Plugin
    • Programming Plugin
    • Internationalizing Plugin
    • Plugin Updates
    • Plugin Management
    • Hooks
    • Widgets
    • Developing Widgets

    WordPress Themes

    • WordPress Theme Basics
    • Installation and Uninstallation
    • Theme Structure
    • Themes Development
    • Template Files

    WordPress Administration

    • Administering WordPress
    • Backing up WordPress
    • Updating WordPress

    WordPress Authentication and Optimization

    • WordPress Two Step Authentication
    • LDAP and AD Integration
    • WordPress Caching
    • Multisite WordPress
    • Scaling WordPress
    • WordPress Optimization

    WordPress Security

    • User Management
    • Spam Management
    • Securing WordPress

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