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Become a 3D/2D Game Development Expert


Become a 3D/2D Game Development Expert

Game Development course offers students the ability to gain skill sets required to work in the next step of computer programming’s development framework. This course will improve the analytical and technical skills of the students. This course will present students with the task of developing computer games using unity to launch which will entertain.

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3M’s+ 1 M

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35,000/ 26,250/-

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35,000/ 26,250/-

Course Detail

Course Description
  • Learn the foundation of software engineering, programming and C#.
  • Start performing on video game advancement to turn into a game developer.
  • Learn from industrialist expert trainers.
  • Hands on training on real time projects.
  • Techno is an institute inside the boundaries of a leading firm for more than 10 years.
Course Outline
  • Fundamentals of game programming
  • Introduction to the world of gaming.
  • Design pipeline.
  • Terminologies, Techniques, processes.
  • Preproduction for games design.
  • Texture creation and texture maps.
  • Seamless textures creation for games.
  • Unity 3D gaming engine
  • Setting up a gaming environment.
  • Managing assets.
  • Creating player control.
  • Level design & Editing.
  • Character animation.
  • Occlusion culling & Particle system.
  • Packing games.
  • Project
  • Game pre-production based on a theme.
  • Character & Level design for a game concept.
  • Packing your own game in Unity3D

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